Internships and Co-ops

电子游艺正规排名,每个员工都有机会学习、成长并有所作为. 我们为攻读学位的学生提供广泛的实习和合作项目. 每个机会都旨在提供学习和工作经验. Search our open jobs to find available positions.

Are the internships/co-ops paid?
Yes, all are paid a competitive salary.

How do I apply for an internship/co-op?
To apply, please visit our Job Listings.

How long does a typical internship last?
实习在学期休息或更长时间内进行,取决于机会, university rules and legal requirements in each location.

How often will I get paid?

Where are the internships and co-ops located?
这些可能位于我们在美国罗杰斯的任何一个地点.S., Europe and Asia.

What types of training and career development do you offer?
电子游艺正规排名全年为所有员工提供培训项目. These programs cover a wide range of topics, including project management, leadership development, six sigma, and more. 罗杰斯还提供慷慨的学费报销计划,并根据需要提供特定工作的培训


我们位于德国罗杰斯的工厂提供学徒机会,为学生提供卓越的应用经验,以促进他们的职业发展. 我们正在寻找有上进心的,灵活的,在团队环境中工作良好的毕业生. 罗杰斯德国公司在新兴行业提供有保障的学徒培训. 我们在机电一体化,表面涂层和材料测试领域进行教育.

Mechatronics Surface Coating Materials Testing


Chandler, Arizona, October 12, 2023年:电子游艺正规排名(纽约证券交易所代码:ROG)(“罗杰斯”)计划在10月26日收盘后公布第三季度业绩, which will be followed by a conference call at 5:00 pm ET. The call will be hosted by Colin Gouveia, President and Chief Executive Officer, who will be joined by Ram Mayampurath, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

电子游艺正规排名欢迎Griffin Gappert担任新的首席技术官

Chandler, Arizona, August 14, 2023: Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) (“Rogers”), announced that Griffin Gappert, Ph.D. 加入公司担任副总裁兼首席技术官(CTO).

Rogers Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results

Chandler, Arizona, August 3, 2023年:电子游艺正规排名(纽约证券交易所代码:ROG)今天公布了2023年第二季度的财务业绩.

Rogers Schedules Second Quarter 2023 Earnings Call for August 3

Chandler, Arizona, July 20, 2023年:电子游艺正规排名(纽约证券交易所代码:ROG)(“罗杰斯”)计划在8月3日收盘后公布第二季度业绩, which will be followed by a conference call at 5:00 pm ET.


电子游艺正规排名(纽约证券交易所代码:ROG)宣布已发布其2021年环境评估报告的更新(报告补充), Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) report.